Ocean Freight

Container ships with capacities from 3,000 to 24,000 TEU connect the most important hubs of world trade and continents on earth. The routes on the seven seas are precisely calculated, the schedule is precisely tailored to the day. Container ships help to keep global economic flows in tact.


Rail Freight

New Silk Road : Rail freight with Cargo Brokers to/from Europe and Asia Rail freight transport is environmentally friendly, fast, flexible, reliable and economical – with a transit time of around 18 to 22 days to and from Asia.


Land Freight

General cargo system traffic Our nationwide general cargo traffic every 24/48 hours offers high reliability and efficient control. Your shipments are loaded by direct or consolidated cargo via central transshipment points, so-called HUBs .


Air Freight

When it comes to solving global, time-critical transport requirements, no other mode of transport has achieved such high growth rates as international air freight thanks to the most modern transport processes and global logistics networks.

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We only offer our transport solutions for commercial customers. Transports for private individuals are excluded.